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Home of the Original Basi

On behalf of the whole officialdom of the Municipality of Naguilian, I welcome you to the town’s official website.

In a continuing effort to provide excellent public service to the residents and visitors of the town, this website serves as an evolving source of meaningful information coined under the priority banner H.E.L.P.E.R.S - Health, Education, Livelihood and Agriculture, Peace and Order, Environment, Roads and other Infrastructure and Service. Its purpose is to make freely available information about how the municipality is governed, the programs, projects and various activities (PPA’s) and accomplishments and whom to contact when problem arises.

Through the presence of web, we boast and unlocked to the world what Naguilian can offer. Let us be proud of our town, let us be proud Naguilianon. Together, let us show to everybody that we are united.



Municipal Mayor

ln recent years, the lnternet has become the first option for the people to get information as such latest news, announcements, weather reports and much more. In view hereof, the Municipal Government of Naguilian is currently taking the advantage and intervention of information technology particularly an electronic online network in delivering meaningful information and providing public services to constituents living within the municipality and abroad. With the municipality’s official website, everyone can view what Naguilian and its townspeople are doing for the betterment of our beloved town through its program coined the HELPERS - Health, Education, Livelihood and Agriculture, Peace and Order and Public Safety, Environment, Roads and other Infrastructure and Service. I am hoping for your unending support for the local government. Let us not cease praying for what we visualize for the people and the municipality. Mabuhay! And may God bless us with these endeavors!



Municipal Vice Mayor

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News & Announcement


The Municipality of Naguilian celebrate its 178th Foundation Anniversary & 11th Basi Festival on February 17 - 18, 2017